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Frisch Ortho Hip and Knee Specialist
  • Rochester


Comprehensive, personalized patient care with the highest level of service and quality

Nicholas B. Frisch, M.D|MBA

Meet Dr. Frisch

Dr. Frisch and his dedicated staff believe in creating a very personalized experience with the highest level of service. His practice focuses on minimally invasive joint replacement and complex primary and revision hip and knee replacement. Dr. Frisch utilizes efficient pain management pathways that allow for rapid recovery and faster return to normal activity.

Patient Stories

  • Dr. Frisch is a doctor with anointed hands from God. I am so Grateful and Thankful I was led to him for 2 successful partial knee replacements. I feel all the way productive now. Thank You, Dr. Frisch.- June W.
  • I walked out of surgery hospital an hour and a half after hip replacement surgery.went rock hunting the next day . It been two months since my surgery I'm doing things I haven't been able to do in ten years.I would recommend doctor Frisch to anyone.- Patrick J.
  • I suffered a horrible fall down a flight of stairs in my home. After all was said and done the sepsis in my body centered in my left knee. My previous Doctor said all he could do was remove the artificial knee joint and replace it with a ‘spacer’. This left me with a ‘peg leg’ of sorts, like Captain Hook.- Michael E.
  • I had a partial knee replacement 5 weeks ago. I went back to work last week & I have very physical job where I have to do a lot of kneeling & lifting. Dr. Frisch explained everything thoroughly before & after surgery. So I knew what to expect, and what was expected of me to ensure success.- Steve V.
  • I had total hip replacement 9 days ago by Dr. Frisch, and I am pain free and able to walk with a cane to assure that I don’t fall. I expect to no longer need the cane once my muscle strength is sufficient, probably in about a week. The entire experience from the first office visit to now has been fantastic.... - Keith O.
  • I had Dr. Nicholas Frisch at Crittenton Hospital do a right hip THA revision surgery to restore an old hip replacement. I went home the next day. A great nursing staff, so caring – a total team and so on hands. Dr. Frisch called me personally the next day instead of having the office call me......
  • I had fallen on my knee, which I had previous had replaced in 2002. After seeing medical staff for my injury I was told that I would need to go to a larger hospital due to the injury being so complex. My daughter made a phone call to the Ascension LaMacchia Orthopaedic Institute, here in Rochester..... - Dixie C.

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